Bridal Salon

Your Wedding Day
The Day Everything Should Be Perfect!

Thank you for choosing Caruso Hair & Esthetics as your Bridal Salon. Every bride needs to feel completely comfortable with her wedding day plans. For this reason we have developed a Bridal Party Planner. Use the Bridal Party Appointment Planner to begin the planning process. We begin booking appointments up to 18 months in advance. Upon receipt of your personalized planner, we’ll work with you to plan your special day! Important information that you need to share with your bridal party, follows. Please call if you need further assistance. Thank you!

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We suggest that your appointment for the Practice Hairstyle & Make-up Application be planned for the day of your final bridal dress fitting. If you have one, you should bring your head piece to this appointment.

All bridal party member should arrive at least 15 minutes BEFORE their individually scheduled appointment. We cannot guarantee that we will satisfy the time that your party needs to depart from the salon if anyone in the party arrives late.

Parking is free at Caruso Hair & Esthetics. If the salon parking lot is full, park in the lot directly adjacent to our lot. We lease additional parking spaces in this lot, for our customer’s convenience.

We serve complimentary pastries, orange juice, coffee, tea and if requested – champagne. Please indicate YES on the Planner if you would like champagne served.

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Gratuities must be a direct payment from the client to the stylist, via cash or a personal check made payable to the stylist. We do not accept gratuities on any credit card, debit card or checks made payable to Caruso Hair & Esthetics or on Caruso Gift Cards.

Anyone scheduled for an Up-Do should arrive at the salon with their hair already clean and dry. There will not be time to shampoo and dry hair prior to performing an Up-Do.  We recommend that you wear a shirt that completely buttons or zippers in the front. This will allow you to easily change into your wedding garments without disturbing your completed hairstyle.

Our make-up artists work with Young Blood Cosmetics, a premium mineral make-up. Applications are by hand.  If the bride is interested in permanent or semi-permanent makeup, a consultation with our estheticians should be scheduled.

We recommend that manicures and pedicures be scheduled to occur one to two days PRIOR to the wedding day. It is not recommended that nails be done the same day as the wedding, as there generally is not enough time on the day of the wedding.

We offer body and facial waxing, available to the bride & groom. Our estheticians recommend that the bride/groom schedule a series of 3 personalized facials prior to her wedding day.  These appointments should be scheduled 10 weeks, 6 weeks and 2 weeks prior to the date of the wedding ceremony. 

The bride & groom should consider the benefits of massage therapy prior to their wedding day!  Massage enhances one’s ability to handle the stressful planning days leading up to the wedding.